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Next Level Nonprofit Vice President

Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled

Arkansas, USA · Branchburg, NJ, USA
Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2023

/TITLE: Next Level Nonprofit Vice President

/LOCATION: US remote, with travel for in-person meetings and events


/CLASSIFICATION: Full-Time, Salaried Exempt

/COMPENSATION: $125,000 + $50,000 merit bonus + benefits


Next Level Nonprofit is an easy-to-implement, practical operating system proven to facilitate more organizational impact by reaching the highest levels of team dynamics and process efficiency. At Life Remodeled, we built the Next Level Nonprofit operating system from the ground up based on our own operational challenges. A number of excellent business books we read only partially addressed realities unique to the nonprofit sector. Since the Life Remodeled team was too committed to our mission to simply coast or quit, we created Next Level Nonprofit. 

Now we’re thrilled to share our practical findings with others. Why? Because people served by nonprofits deserve the highest level of excellence. 

Learn more at https://www.nlncoaching.org and in our book Next Level Nonprofit.

/ABOUT LIFE REMODELED: ​​There’s a lot of talk, but not enough walk when it comes to revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods. Detroiters have all the talent they need, but many don’t have access to all the opportunities they deserve. Therefore, Life Remodeled repurposes vacant school buildings into one stop hubs of opportunity for entire families to thrive. We fill these iconic buildings with the best and brightest nonprofit organizations who are providing youth programs, workforce development, and human services to tens of thousands of students and community members. We help our nonprofit tenants collaborate and create far greater life transformation together than was previously possible alone. Together we ensure more:

  1. Detroit students perform at/above grade level in math and reading
  2. Families have access to essential health and wellness services
  3. Community members obtain higher paying jobs and achieve economic self-sufficiency

/DEFINING THE ROLE: Largely because of your entrepreneurial leadership, at least 2,500 nonprofit organizations will have implemented Next Level Nonprofit by the year 2033. Your six major functions are:

  • Achieving annual client acquisition goals for the 1-Year Coaching and Sustainability Coaching programs
  • Hiring NLN Coaches to meet client demand
  • Ensuring all Coaches are providing excellent coaching experiences
  • Scaling our 1-Day Workshops nationally
  • Achieving annual goals for the Self-Implementation program
  • Coordinating execution of overall NLN vision and course correcting with creative problem-solving when necessary  

/3-YEAR SNAPSHOT (You and your team will ensure the following metrics are achieved within the next 3 years)

  • 2-day annual conference reaches 500 in attendance
  • 1-Day Workshops hosted in 5 cities with a total of 750 attendees in one year
  • 200 organizations are utilizing the Self-implementation Playbook 
  • 155 unique organizations have participated in 1-Year Coaching 
  • 40 returning organization have participated in Sustainability Coaching
  • At least 80% of Coached clients continue implementing NLN
  • At least 50% of Self-Implementation clients continue implementing NLN
  • Next Level Community online reaches 500 members

/YOUR TEAM (You will hire and coach the following team members):

  • An Administrative Assistant who will schedule all Coaching sessions, create and manage all automated systems, manage social media channels, and perform other admin duties as assigned.
  • Five full-time NLN Coaches (over the next 3 years) who will each coach approximately 20 nonprofits per year to fully-implement our organizational operating system. Coaching includes teaching and facilitating seven (7) all-day sessions with each client. Once per quarter, Coaches will also attend each organization’s weekly Executive Leadership Team meeting to celebrate ways they are implementing well and discuss opportunities for growth. Lastly, Coaches will provide additional coaching for each organization's CEO/ED via phone or video conference as needed, up to 10 hours per quarter, per client.  


  • You understand how nonprofit organizations operate and care deeply for the evolution of the sector and the people served
  • You have 3+ years professional experience coaching organizations in at least one of the following systems: EOS, Scaling Up, or The 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • You are tenacious and continuously pursue excellence, while striving to be an ideal team player 
  • You have demonstrated a relentless appetite and the proven ability to rapidly scale a program or organization
  • You have a remarkable gift of persuasion without being “salesey”
  • You are highly knowledgeable in best practices of organizational management
  • People you lead love who they become when they are around you
  • Teams you coach feel confident to be highly transparent when they are with you


We have received a high volume of applicants who may know of EOS, Scaling Up, or The Four Disciplines of Execution, but they don't have the actual experience we are looking for. For example, maybe they worked in a company where they implemented the principles of one or more of these systems, but they didn’t actually serve as a paid consultant to coach or guide multiple organizations through comprehensive implementation.

If you apply for this job, our first questions will be:

Which of these systems do you have professional coaching experience with: EOS, Scaling Up, and/or The 4 Disciplines of Execution? Please name the system(s) and describe your experiences in detail. As a paid consultant, how many organizations have you coached in this methodology? Describe your coaching process for the system(s) you are an expert in. What are the typical outcomes for your clients?

*Extensive experience as a paid consultant who has coached organizations to implement at least one of the above systems is nonnegotiable.

If you believe you are the right person for this incredible opportunity and you meet or exceed all of the above qualifications, please apply on LinkedIn today!