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Community Engagement Coordinator

Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled

Detroit, MI, USA
Posted on Friday, August 4, 2023

/POSITION:  Community Engagement Coordinator

/ACCOUNTABLE TO: Youth & Community Engagement Director

/CLASSIFICATION: Full-Time, Salaried Exempt

/SALARY: $41,600 + benefits

/WHO IS LIFE REMODELED: There’s a lot of talk but not enough walk when it comes to revitalizing Detroit neighborhoods. Detroiters have all the talent they need, but many don’t have access to all the opportunities they deserve. Therefore, Life Remodeled repurposes vacant school buildings into one-stop hubs of opportunity for entire families to thrive. We fill these iconic buildings with the best and brightest nonprofit organizations that are providing youth programs, workforce development, and human services to tens of thousands of students and community members. We help our nonprofit tenants collaborate and create far greater life transformation together than was previously possible alone. Together, we ensure more:

  1. Detroit students perform at/above grade level in math and reading
  2. Families have access to essential health and wellness services
  3. Community members obtain higher-paying jobs and achieve economic self-sufficiency

/THE ROLE: The Community Engagement Coordinator will spearhead the efforts to facilitate meaningful engagement and support for a wide range of community activities and events. From conception to execution, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our annual Six Day Project, a transformative endeavor that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of residents.

As a Community Engagement Coordinator, your interpersonal skills will shine as you forge strong bonds with diverse individuals and groups. By utilizing your exceptional communication and relationship-building abilities, you will engage stakeholders in a collaborative and inclusive manner, fostering an environment where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Your responsibilities will extend beyond simply connecting with the community; you will be the driving force behind impactful initiatives, leveraging your passion for making a difference to create real change. By implementing creative strategies and harnessing the power of community partnerships, you will help shape the future of the Denby neighborhood.

If you are passionate about creating positive social change and thrive in a role that allows you to build bridges, rally communities, and make a tangible difference, then this position is perfect for you.


Community First: We prioritize the expertise, desires, and needs of students and community residents in the neighborhoods where our projects are focused. Their ideas, hopes, and dreams matter most. Bottom line, no matter how awesome anyone thinks Life Remodeled’s projects are, they mean absolutely nothing if they don’t align with the values and ambitions of children, youth, and adults who make up the local community. 

Always Find a Way: Our annual goals are always nearly out of reach. Unforeseen circumstances happen. Things change, and we are not only flexible, but we find better solutions than ever before. Every day we are innovating and creating a future that doesn’t yet exist. There is always a way, and our team is made of those who not only believe this, but they make it happen. 

Bold Humility:  Wielding the powerful balance of boldness and humility is what drives Team Life Remodeled to take the form of servant leaders, who value the needs of others over our own with confidence and determination. We embrace our weaknesses and limitations, and we know we all have blind spots. Therefore, we are life-long learners who see every encounter and every challenge as opportunities to learn and grow as human beings. 


  • Engage 300 Detroit residents each year in volunteerism.
  • Engage 600 community members to receive lawn mowing during the annual Six Day Project.
  • Develop strong relationships with leadership at DPD precincts and DFD Firehouses near our opportunity hubs
  • Help each Community Advisory Council host six events per year attracting at least 50 new community members per event.
  • Represent Life Remodeled at 15+ Denby community-related events per year  (i.e. local church events, block club meetings, neighborhood events, etc).
  • Complete all administrative tasks for the community engagement role, including actively creating/maintaining databases for capturing community member information, emails, statistical neighborhood data, budgeting, calendaring, etc. 


  • You demonstrate commitment to cultural competency, including the ability to work effectively with those belonging to groups of diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, language, ability, age, and socioeconomic status. 
  • You have at least 3 years of relevant experience in Detroit communities.
  • You listen exceptionally well, without making assumptions, and walk away from every conversation having grown and learned.
  • You are a relentless optimist who pursues relationships persistently.
  • You are wise and brave enough to communicate hard truths in ways that actually work.
  • You are a problem-solver and solutions-focused.
  • You have strong verbal and written communication skills. 

Please submit your resume and responses to the following five questions to Stepha’N Quicksey, Director of Youth and Community Engagement, at stephan@liferemodeled.org


  1. What do you believe are the most effective ways to build and maintain strong relationships with community members? 
  1. Tell us about a time when you successfully planned and executed a community event or program. What steps did you take to ensure its success, and what were the results?
  1. How do you prioritize competing demands and manage multiple community projects simultaneously?
  1. How do you ensure that community members feel heard and their perspectives are taken into account during decision-making processes? 
  1. How do you leverage technology and digital platforms for community engagement purposes? Can you share any specific tools or platforms you have used successfully?